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I do understand your desire to SEE your puppy, but, we have multiple litters here, at all different ages, and, it is just too much a threat to their health to allow un committed visitors.  Since we moved to FL I've gotten countless requests for people to come and 'play' with puppies and had to restrict this to confirmed buyers 'only'.

For your puppies protection!!!

Hello to all my dear friends...customers.WHAT IS OUR NEW VISITOR POLICY?
Aussiedoodles at Pecan Place is dedicated to raising the healthiest puppy possible for your family. For this reason, we have necessary policies in place for visitors. Parvo is an opportunistic and fatal disease that can infect a puppy in a matter of 24 hrs. It is shed by infected dogs and can live for months on hard surfaces and grass. It is not a disease that affects humans therefore it would be difficult to know whether a member of one of our visiting families was a carrier. This is simply a risk we will not take with your puppy-to-be. For this reason...we will no longer allow any visitors who do not have a vested interest in the litter. We only extend visitation privileges to families who have placed a deposit and are selecting and/or picking up their puppy in person. Thank you for your understanding.THIS IS MY NEW POLICY AS I AM GETTING WAY TOO MUCH TRAFFIC TO FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH LATELY AND EVERY VISIT IS A POSSIBILITY OF INFECTING MY MOMMAS' AND YOUR BABIES.I am just not a teaching/training facility...I am a breeding facility and can not/will not expose helpless babies to anybody without a vested interest in a litter, many out of simple curiosity, and never intend to add an Aussiedoodle to their homes, and worse yet, are out puppy shopping and may stop at other kennels in their outings.My facilities are going to be only open to those that are just as concerned as I am in getting 'their' puppy raised and ready to join 'their' family!This change has become necessary due to 3 or more requests, weekly, for visits that can be both dangerous to younger, non-vaccinated dogs, and time consuming to our dogs and to us. We are also, being primarily a residence, being warned by our insurance agent that we could be cancelled if anyone would get injured during a visit!  This is an acceptable risk, to us, for those of you picking up a purchased puppy, but, not in the volume that is increasing more each week!I do understand people wanting to meet an Aussiedoodle, in person, but I do have several available to be seen, all around this area in training facilities, etc that are not in my breeding program, or, perhaps you can contact your vet to see if one of your neighbors has one available to visit with.If you are close enough to visit my kennel then you are also close enough to visit with Royal Pets Market & Resort in Tampa...813-448-6744.www.royalpetsmarket.comI also highly recommend Courteous Canines, in both Lutz and Tampa campuses...813-949-1465. The advantages to this is that you will be visiting a public facility, not a home, and that the dogs in the classes are older, vaccinated, and most owners would be thrilled for you to handle their dogs, as many of them are there for socializing/therapy training, etc.Just ask the trainers if they have any Aussiedoodles in their classes and if you'd be welcome to come meet/moniter a class.Once you are done researching/studying the breed then I will be more than happy to sell you the very best, healthiest example of the breed available today!I hope you can understand that this is necessary for the healthiest puppies possible!! 

If you do have a deposit on a puppy, or are picking up, then I would like to share my policies/rules for kennel visits.  First of all, I'd like all of you to realize that my business is also my home and, as such, is not open 7 days a week, around the clock.  I sometimes have company over, do my shopping, cleaning, grandkid visits, etc so, I request that you would email me at least 24 hours in advance to schedule a visit for when it works for both of us.  If I'm not busy with the above, normal day to day activities, then there is always a puppy that needs played with, or socialized, or a dog that needs to be groomed, etc. etc.  It is much easier for me to answer your requests by email as I do not carry my phone around with me all day and so usually miss any calls or texts till the evening, when I am done working for the day.  I am not being secretive, nor do I have anything to hide by requesting visits to be scheduled.  If I'm not going out then I am generally grooming, cleaning, etc and either me, my house, or my dogs are not in a state in which I care to entertain strangers, usually it's me covered with dirt and/or dog hair, from grooming.  
ALSO...A FEW RULES FOR VISITS...1. A lot of you say you'd like to come and play with puppies.  This is not allowed!  I  am not a pet store or shelter that lets anybody handle my babies and expose them to things that they shouldn't be exposed or to stress them too much before they are ready/vaccinated.  So, NOBODY handles a puppy unless it is 'their' puppy that they already have a deposit on, and,it is at least 6 weeks old and has had one of its' vaccinations.2. I insist on visitors coming with clothing fresh out of the dryer and no stops at other kennels or Petcos' etc before arriving at my place.  Also, be ready to remove your shoes or wear shoe covers.  This may seem extreme but in the counties on both sides of me the shelters have been routinely closed due to county wide Parvo and respiratory diseases.  So, if it is that prevalent on all sides of me that means that you could stop for gas, or a restaurant, and track through a spot where an affected dog has either peed or defecated and thus expose my whole kennel.  My babies are not immune till they have their shots.3. I am also a licensed and inspected kennel and brucellosis free.  So, NO OUTSIDE ANIMALS allowed on the property.  Any older, apparently healthy dog, can be carrying and shedding disease that they may have had when they were younger and are now carriers, with no syptoms for years.  This is especially true of Brucellosis, which is basically a breeding disease and which you can't vaccinate for,or that vets even test for.  It causes no symptoms unless you'd try to breed your dog and he/she didn't function, this is usually the only way you know a dog has it.  This is transmitted by urine, either fresh or dried, and can easily be picked up at dog classes, rest areas or dog parks.  Your Fifi or Fido could have it and you'd never even know it but, if I would have it crop up here I'd be shut down and no puppy present could be sold.  I had a dear friend who had a kennel visitor bring this into her kennel and she ended up having to euthanize   puppies, as per her state laws, as none could be sold due to the strict regulation of this disease.  So, I don't take ANY chances.  I do allow you to come and visit, if you have a deposit on a puppy, or are picking up your puppy, and I try to answer any and all questions that you have about my wonderful breed.  I will also allow you to see any of my dogs, with the sometimes exception of very new mommas, and this is done through my viewing area.  I do not allow my breeding dogs to be touched/handled for the above stated health concerns.  We have a large sunroom on the front of the house which overlooks our kennels and playyard and you are welcome to view any dog and to see it interact with either my husband or myself so you can judge size, coat, temperaments, etc.  It is not necessary for us to expose our dogs in order to accomplish this for anybody who wishes to learn more.  You will be able to see how our dogs are housed, exercised and to view the heated and air conditioned whelping houses, from my viewing room.    I hope you can all understand that my precautions are just to insure that you get the best, healthiest puppy that I can provide.  You needn't worry that your baby will be undersocialized either, because the grandkids, some elderly friends, my kennel help/vet techs and a couple of my dog training buddies are enlisted to help with this...they are all well versed with how to handle babies and what can and can't be done. This is in addition to the time that my husband and myself spend handling, grooming and playing with babies!  With these few rules and precautions I hope to meet all of you and connect you with your new best friend!  Thank you for your understanding.