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The first button above is to use Paypal to pay in full for puppy.

Second button is to pay balance and shipping fees.


You can shop safely at a 'state of the art', yearly inspected, and licensed kennel.

Please read my kennel visit page to see how we maintain our safe and secure nursery for our babies.

Shipping fees:

Unfortunately everything has gone up in the past year and I'm forced to slightly raise my shipping costs. 

New price is $400, anywhere in continental US.

  I have shipped my pups since 1975 and have NEVER had a pup suffer any injuries, so, I wouldn't do so if I didn't think it was safe.

  I myself have shipped two dogs to UK and received two dogs from Hungary and no issues.

  Pups ship in an intermediate, temperature controlled compartment (same place human organs are shipped).  

  I DO NOT ship out of Orlando, I ship out of Tampa exclusively.



I would like to share my shipping/holding policy.

  It is best fro your puppy to leave the day his litter leaves...best that he/she is not left alone and best that he gets to join his new family at the optimum age best for bonding. (up to 12 weeks is critical socializing time that can't be reclaimed).

  To this end it would be best for you to choose a puppy that is ready to go when you are able to accept it.  IF you can't get the puppy when it's litter is shipped then there is the option that I could hold him/her for you for and extra week(or two limit) and price is $10 a day, plus any extra vaccinations.


There is nothing that I hate more, when cyber shopping then to see websites with cute puppies and info, THEN, you look at the date posted and ads are weeks, months and sometimes even years old...

  I pride myself in that I update my website ASAP when a pup is sold, or, a litter arrives.

  SO, if you see a puppy on my website....IT IS AVAILABLE!

  I try my best to update photos weekly.

  Also, all my pups ship at 8 weeks old (if they are 3 lbs or more).  On very rare occasions I'll have a toy/small mini litter that must be held till 9 weeks.


You can search, and find, both higher and lower priced Aussiedoodles puppies.  But, IMHO, not any better started and socialized!

  We are a large enough kennel to have several males, for the best breeding choices for each female, and, small enough so that every puppy gets out, and inside, socializing with 'one on one' time several times everyday.

  We have been exclusively breeding Aussiedoodles for approx 15 years and our pups are ALL multigens....what that means for you is that the non-shedding and temperaments are SET.  Not the iffy, will they are won't they shed, that you get in first generation dogs.  Mine are from 5th to 9th generational pure Aussiedoodles.

We put in reservation...now what??

I will send you a confirmation letter, usually with photo of your new choice, and, will send you new photos and puppy update at 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age.

Just a word on payment policy after the initial down payment...This is the most frequent question that I get so I'll address it here:

If you would like to pay your balance by check then I must have it in my possession by the time the pup is 6 weeks old.

If you would like the convenience of Paypal(it is NOT necessary to have an account with them!), you can request that I send you an invoice which will have puppy balance, and any shipping fees.

There is a 4% fee for the convenience of Paypal, which I waive on the reservations.

If you pick up your puppy here then your ONLY option, if not already paid, is CASH...no exceptions.

So, I will take any form of payments, within above guidelines above.

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Yes, ugly, two legged puppy, it is true!!